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About us

Style is a deeply personal way of expressing who you are. Every time you dress up, you assert and portray a part of yourself. Created by women, for women, Marzé is a contemporary womenswear brand designed by Deniz & Zeynep Kardeşler. The sister duo behind the Istanbul based label has made it their mission to make women feel both bold and beautiful. Different, yet bound by the same goal of creating something for women, Marzé strives on contrasts. What makes Marzé so authentic is actually the striking difference between Deniz & Zeynep’s design aesthetic. The creative twosome has based their brand on a seasonless approach. Complementing the female form stunningly, Marzé designs feature pieces that suit all moods. Marzé is a state of mind. It is more than just fashion. A juxtaposition of two opposite characters, Marzé flourishes with this eclectically chaotic oppositeness.

The Marzé woman is confident, strong, independent, and sensual. She isn’t bound by norms or categories. She doesn’t feel the need to define herself. She might wake up as a seductress one day, and the next day she might feel romantic and delicate. She is a woman of glamour and passion. Her attitude comes natural. Her aura is effortless, and the world loves her for that. Our muse is a woman who is plainly herself and we can’t think of a better representation of beauty than a woman who isn’t afraid to be herself.

The Marzé muse is unapologetic, sexy, and graceful. She owns the outfit she’s in, and just goes on with her life. It comes natural to her. Life is her playground, and we’re here to create pieces that’ll just make her feel even more free, and in sync with herself. As Marzé, we design to inspire while creating pieces that aren’t bound by trends. These ephemeral trends tell us how we should look, which is completely against what Marzé stands for.

Instead, we wanted our designs to instill a sense of confidence, inspiration, and joy. Within Marzé’s curation, beautiful fabrics meet a wide range of designs, creating collections that’ll suit any mood, and any occasion. We believe that each day is an opportunity to embrace your individuality and reflect your personality through your style, and we aim to create pieces that’ll accompany you on any chapter of your life. Marzé is everything we’ve ever dreamt of, and we hope that you’ll accompany us through this brand-new magical journey…